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Ask yourself questions

Did you reach a point in your life that you are no longer satisfied with what you have? Maybe there is always scarcity in your budget, and no matter how you try to manage your finances, there is always never enough . These are the signs that you need to look for to find out if you are still on the right track of your life. Check for the list of questions you should ask to improve you life.

You don’t want to continue the cycle of dissatisfaction for the next 5 years. It is frustrating and could lower your morale because it will make you feel that you no longer are in control of your life. So I need you to ask yourself and the answers must be honest. Are you still satisfied with your life condition right now? Are you prepared for unprecedented expenses like hospitalization, your son’s or daughter’s project, and someone in the family needs help?  Do you have a budget that is allocated for vacations and other life’s leisure? If all the answers are no then you need to decide now, what can you do?

Make a list

Our brain is not design to keep all the information. You notice that after you read a book, you forgot right away the details of what you read. That is because our brain is designed that way. We can keep only 20% of the information from the things we read and learn. In important things like this specially if it will help you improve your life, it is a must that you keep 100% of the information. Get your pen and paper, list the things you want to change in your life. List the things that needs attention, may it be your emergency funds, bills, and other expenses that you didn’t monitor. You don’t know how to make a list? Visit:


Based on what you wrote, what are the things you are spending too much? By analyzing the list you get to know whether you are on a lifestyle that is no longer within your income.

Make a decision

The things you just found out will not amount to anything unless you make a decision to change. The process doesn’t stop here. Make sure to read our other pages to get more information on how you can be financially free. Why decision is important? Read

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