Invest Smart

Invest Smart

Investing doesn’t have to be risky as you imagine it to be. You have to be smart and knowledgeable, this is your money, and you have to invest it wisely. Many of us are desperate on having an investment as we want to be financially free but making poor decisions can lead you to losing your money. Before you invest your money, you should have emergency funds first. As we discussed in the previous post, emergency funds will help you get ready when unprecedented expenses come. The money you will invest should be your “extra money”.

Don’t Invest Into Something You Don’t Understand

This is the common mistakes of new investors, they invest their money to something they don’t understand fully. They end up losing their money for not knowing the ins and outs of the market. So remember this very important reminder, before you invest your money, make some research, ask questions, and get better understanding.

Know The Terms

In investing, terms are very important to know to find out that its worth your money. Know if there will be taxes involved, if there is, then at what percentage? Will there be other expenses involve like corporate fee? Check if the investment is profitable after you deducted all these costs.

Weigh The Risk

There are investments that are more risky than the others but they promise you high return. Know first if this worth risk taking. We are not saying that risky investments are bad and you should avoid them at all cost, we just want you to be vigilant, in case the offer is too good to be true, then may it is. I would recommend you to start investing in secured portfolios first before investing to much more risky investments.

Diversify. Diversify. Diversify

“Don’t all the eggs in one basket” a common advice that you will get from professional investors. They understand that things in the market can go wrong so they need their portfolios to carry on by investing to other lines of businesses. They test the waters first by putting small investments and do intensive research, how the market moves in that field, and find out if they should put more into it. Once you have established your first investment, don’t stop there. Dig deeper and become smartest you can be. Money is just a tool, and it will work according to your knowledge in managing it. You are its master not the other way around.


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